Probate Cash Advances...funding your inheritance now

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The death of family members and friends is a
life changing event. These changes in your life are
difficult enough without the added financial burden that can accompany such a loss. With a death comes bills. (Funeral bills, hospital bills, car payments, house payments, insurances etc)  As an Inheritance Broker,
we can get you an advance on your due inheritance and have money in your hand within 72 hours to alleviate
some of the financial strain and worries that can
occur while an estate may be tied up in probate.
You may find yourself in need of attorney services in
executing the will, opening probate, liquidating assets.
We'd like to introduce you to Legal Shield. (formerly PrePaid Legal Services) For less than $1.00/day, you can have access to an
attorney and make unlimited phone calls on any subject,
have them write letters or make phone calls on your behalf, have representation in traffic court, get your own
will done, have representation in court or IRS audit.
Most of us usually don't even know what rights we have.

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Bob and Sandi Schantz
 Inheritance Brokers, Legal Shield Sales Associates
P.O. Box 223 
Lowell, IN 46356

Phone: 219-696-4564

Hours: 24/7 by internet

You don't have to wait for probate to end to
receive your inheritance.

Our services, as inheritance brokers, DO NOT COST YOU, anything. We work with a company that will fund your advance. This is not a loan, no paybacks, credit is not an issue. If you have any questions please email :
We are also Legal Shield Sales Associates.
If you are in need of services of an attorney, please don't hesitate to
contact us: by regular mail, email, or phone.
   This is a service you can sign up for and use immediately, and nothing bad has to happen to use it,  like most of the things we prepay for. (house insurance, car insurance, life insurance)
Call Sandi or Bob if you would like to find out
more, or initiate receiving some inheritance money now. 

 Our job is to serve and assist families and individuals in order to make justice and  legal services available to everyone and have the system work for everybody.